At its core, Don’t call it a comeback per se, since JoJo returned to the music industry in 2016 with her first album (. Beginning with “Triggered (Freestyle),” Aiko reveales to listeners what a cathartic release filled with honesty sounds like before coming together with her love, Big Sean, on “None Of Your Concern.” Only Jhene can make sneaky links sound as magical as she does on “P*$$y Fairy (OTW).” Songs like “B.S.,” “Magic Hour” and the deluxe addition “All Good,” are like the therapist we all need. Songs like the kiss-off anthem “Forgive Me” and the emotionally vulnerable “Don’t Make It Harder On Me” that tie the entire project together, making for one of the most talked-about albums of 2020 thus far. — Keithan. In a pandemic, music is salve against the uncertainty that lies ahead. Sure, it may have some problems within it, but what genre doesn’t? This genre runs deep and in a year where the world came to a standstill, R&B found a way to progress forward. 1123 – BJ The Chicago Kid If there’s anything to appreciate about Kali, it’s his determination to create a cohesive body of work. When the world was struck with the coronavirus pandemic in mid-March, it shifted the way artists would release new music, including albums. . Sonically, it doesn’t drift too far from the vibe set on the preceding project, which makes it feel like it’s part of a bigger effort. Bare With Me: The Album is Justine Skye moving on. The 25-track effort is highlighted by club bangers (“Freak,” “Double R,” and “Powder Blue”) and silky smooth R&B (“Nothing Like Your Exes,” “Universe,” and “Everywhere”) — a collection that shows the Beach House artist has a great argument for being the game’s most multi-talented act.–W.O. Opening his introductory project with “The Beach,” the track pulls listeners in with its lush harmonic currents. Their second album, The Amanda Tape, is a concise and sonically pleasing body of work that shows the growth of the duo while expanding on their acoustic trapsoul sound while leaving listeners excited for their future thanks to songs like “Mood Swings” and “On And On.”–Wongo Okon. He is also accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot. With the help of a few legendary and up-and-coming players, the supernova calls on the soothing sounds that made her famous on the irresistible, Khalid-assisted “Off The Grid.” At the same time, Baraz rediscovers the joy within herself on tracks like the enlightening “Who Got Me” and the truthfully introspective “To Me.” With a recognizable soprano and a powerfully introspective message backing her, Baraz proves to be a voice worth revisiting time and time again. Album: British 60’s RnB. good to know is no exception. albums, Taylor’s third album delves into her life as a mother and wife as she tackles her strengths and insecurities head-on. Editor’s note: Albums released from January 1-July 1, were considered. Trey Songz returned to his hometown of Petersburg, Virginia where he was born and raised to record his album Back Home. It just captures a moment in your life where you have emotion.” Kaash certainly accomplished that with her dreamy collection of songs on Teenage Fever.–C.J. Playlist recommandée. One of those is PartyNextDoor, who after almost four long years graced fans with his third album, PartyMobile. The duo takes a slight detour from their mellow ponderings for an upbeat club vibe (“Keep It Goin”), while tracks midway give in to their West Indian culture on the dancehall tip. While we'll have to wait until the 62nd GRAMMY Awards air on CBS on Jan. 26 to find out who will win, let's take a look at which albums have been nominated for Best R&B Album. Find the best music on Album of the Year. On this conceptual body of work, JoJo provides an ample balance of duality, showcasing her seductive side on “Comeback” and confidently vulnerable side on the relatable and sincere “Don’t Talk Me Down.” As with each of her previous projects, JoJo’s powerful and passionate vocals transform and make each listen a treat. Dernière mise à jour: 28-12-2020. From a lyrical standpoint, Green navigates the love lane throughout the 40-minute LP. , however, Baraz offers the first glimpse into her life and her journey to self-love in the most divine way she knows how. are both beyond worthy of recognition for their own work. Brent Faiyaz has the voice of an angel, but his music stays on demon time. 2.” She’s also able to deliver deeper cuts wrapped in her rich voice like “Say What You Mean” and “Pressure.” Upon listening to Missunderstood, it becomes easier to see why it’s not the path in which Queen Naija got here, but that she’s here.–C.J. Kiana Lede revels in self-discovery on Kiki, a sweet-sounding debut that earned her an entry on the Billboard 200 chart. His tenderly vintage baritone gives in to a perennial pocket for “Heartbreak Anniversary,” while catching up to the times with “This Ain’t Love.” Take Time is the product of unguarded sentiments from a gentleman who isn’t afraid to express his feelings with clear intentions. Here are the best R&B albums of 2020 so far, as chosen by our editorial team: Anders, Antwane, Danielle, and Keithan. Jhene Aiko’s Chilombo is truly a spiritual experience. After all, Luke James made his official return back to music with the sophomore album, The New Orleans native channels a true level of depth and intimacy in execution that is reverently app. Kali doesn’t believe in giving up on love. Til Death sits on the edge of the experimental and innovative, aided by comforting ’90s-esque melodies. SlayWithYe - Toxic 10. Devion - Mind Control 4. On the introspective “Same Side,” a desperate Reyez wants to be toxic like her lover to keep their entanglement going. Released: 2020. R&B newcomer Che Ecru delivered a truly transformative release with his debut Til Death and was 2020’s best-kept secret. “Trippin” and “Last Chance” are examples of the futuristic old school sound Che offers.–C.J. On the gospel-inspired cut “Clouded,” he croons pure toxicity: “All my b*tches know I’m leavin’ at some point / Whether there’s a reason or not / Don’t try givin’ me reasons to stop.” Throughout the project, Brent gives a peek inside his world, including his love for the streets which happens to come with a side of emotional unavailability. Here are the best R&B albums of 2020 so far, as chosen by our editorial team: Anders, Antwane, Danielle, and Keithan. However, with their third album A Muse In Her Feelings, the Toronto duo prove that their palette is much larger than a California king size bed. Play on Spotify. 2 (2021) Artist: Crowded House Album: Live 92-94, Pt. In a pandemic, music is salve against the uncertainty that lies ahead. Editor’s note: Albums released from January 1-July 1, were considered. “Don’t Walk Away” featuring emerging reggae artist Koffee hears him fighting to save a dwindling relationship. Aside from anger, Aiko expresses grief for her brother and closes the door on the past on the tear-jerking “10k Hours” with hip-hop heavyweight Nas. His beautiful duet with Jhene Aiko “U Move, I Move” paints a narrative of two lovebirds who have grown to fly in sync with each other. If there’s one thing dvsn knows how to do well, it’s immersing their fans in their feelings. The Eminem-assisted “Coffin” has Reyez’s feeling insecure about a seemingly dwindling love. The singles accurately foreshadowed the quality of their parent album, a nighttime pop journey that brings synthwave to the modern age.–Derrick Rossignol. Largely composed of sincere records aimed at a loved one that’s seemingly near or far, the EP finds melodic pockets to boost fragile confidence on “Self Esteem.” A track later, Tank finds his imperfectly “Perfect” angel. Retrouvez l’ensemble des sorties d’albums de rap US sur l’année 2020 avec notre liste actualisée et mise à jour chaque semaine de l’actualité rap US. Un anno inaspettatamente terribile questo 2020 … Chloe and Halle bring listeners into their fold while baring their souls throughout Ungodly Hour, showing promise as they continue to enhance their unstoppable and undeniable talent, through proper artists development thanks to Beyonce’s ingenious Parkwood Entertainment.–C.J. By no means is love perfect, no matter how much a couple may portray it in the age of social media — and Legend knows that. The Cali native quickly became known for his quality-boosting guest appearances on tracks, so much so that he named his third album Featuring Ty Dolla Sign. If you’re a sensualist like Ro James, you do it by playing to your thematic strengths like eroticism and romanticism and put out an album called. If his vibe feels familiar, Che is the sound infused on Chris Brown’s 2019 hit song “No Guidance” featuring Drake. And like every rose, love has its thorns and James gets pricked a few times on tracks like his top 10 R&B hit “Excuse Me” and the masterful “Too Much” featuring Miguel. The title track and album closer is the most humane moment of the 37-minute LP, bidding a heartbreaking farewell to Miller. As a hopeless romantic, he wants his love to be reciprocated (“For You”) from a partner who is ready to be committed for the long-term (“Doing It All Together”). Recent Posts. Ellujai feat. The 16-song LP is filled with joyous tunes that are bound to lift anyone’s spirit during a challenging time. 4 (Original Soundtrack) (2021) The best R&B songs of 2020. Year Release: 2020 A country: All world Artist: VA Альбом: The Love Album (4CD) Genre music: Pop, RnB, Rock Format: MP3 + Image Quality: 320 kbps Playing time: 05:01:27 Number of songs: 75 Archive: Rar (+5% to restore) File size: 761.12 Mb Tracklist: Teyana developed The Album into an experience that is deserving of museum placement.–Cherise Johnson. In the last three years, if you say Ty Dolla Sign’s name, it was probably attached as a feature to some gold or platinum-selling song. The following is a list of albums released in 2020. , the phenomenal pair take devout fans and many other music enthusiasts on a voyage of growth and maturation, while keeping their eclectic songwriting style. It’s “Do It” that instantly hits a chord of relatability, though. MUSIC NEWS THISISRNB EXCLUSIVES THISISRNB INTERVIEWS. seems to ring truer to her authentic self. The Best R&B Albums of 2020. Songs like “Outta Time” with Drake and “Next To You” proved the Louisville native did not lose his touch, a sentiment that will become truer with future releases.–W.O. Above all, as Trey welcomed his son, Noah, into the world, the song that means the most to him is the dedicated “I Know A Love.” “I feel this is my best project to date,” Trey told Uproxx. Nina Kraviz & Bara Nova - Cyberpunk 2077: Radio, Vol. revealed a sexier and sassier side of the Bailey sisters, with co-penned songs like the girls-night-out jam “Do It” and the Swae Lee and Mike WiLL Made-It-assisted “Catch Up,” prepping the duo for the radio-friendly superstar status they deserve. Aside from catchy tunes are heartfelt and emotional ballads found at the beginning and end of the project. reciated. How do you produce new music after a well-received debut album with the dreaded sophomore jinx looming over your studio sessions? Halcyon Days: 60s Mod, R&B, Brit Soul & Freakbeat Nuggets. Her quest to serenity is most evident on the therapeutic “Born Tired” and the H.E.R.-assisted “B.S.,” where Aiko channels her frustrations with her shortcomings into energy that benefits her and her only. Trigga is a bit more mature on this one and attempts to use his words as a metaphorical paintbrush with songs such “Cat Got My Tongue” and “Rain” featuring Swae Lee. — Danielle. On the intimate “Wake Up Love,” Taylor and husband Iman Shumpert take a more direct approach to survey their relationship and maximize the love they have for each other. The release finds the Toronto native thriving in the dark and gritty R&B lane that he helped usher into the music industry. However, it came from behind a curtain as her pen served as the catalyst for some of today’s biggest songs — most coming from her good friend Ariana Grande. Living and learning is the constant theme of her fourth LP. Author ThisisRnB Posted on November 13, 2020. — Antwane. Complete with musicianship, storytelling, and lots of character, The Album landed on the Billboard 200 chart, becoming her first top 10 album. Vibrant with jazzy elements and her crystal clear vocals, Bare With Me stars numbers such as “Too Much” and “When You’re Ready.” The sequence in which Bare With Me was put together is concise and thematic as it is inspiring for any woman who has gone through trauma in a romantic relationship. Kali doesn’t believe in giving up on love. The R&B enchantress brings her journey full circle with “Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E. After School Melanie Martinez 2020 $1.05. Music titans like Alicia Keys were forced to delay their highly-anticipated new projects. Brandy took a moment to create a thoughtful project with her seventh studio album B7. Nearly a year after blowing us away with his debut album LOWTIDE, which earned a spot on Rated R&B’s Best R&B Albums of 2019, Leven Kali ushered in his follow-up, HIGHTIDE. A testament to her love for R&B, Teyana Taylor’s The Album drifts in a lane of diverse synergy between five studios (A, L, B, U, M) of original and sampled soundscapes. If there’s anything to appreciate about Kali, it’s his determination to create a cohesive body of work. The road to After Hours began with “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights,” which were released within days of each other in late November 2019. These are notable albums, defined as … There’s talk on It Is What It Is of asymmetrical social dynamics related to Black people on the inner-city funk jam “Black Qualls” featuring Steve Lacy, Steve Arrington and Childish Gambino. Albums with personal journeys are all the rage these days. Each song seems to be a granular glimpse of all the pain she has endured while trying to find love. Despite everything that has happened in 2020, many artists still pushed to give some of the best work of their careers. Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 take listeners to the islands with “Dangerous City” and “So What” and introduce their take of New Orleans bounce with “‘Flawless’ Do It Well, Pt. — Anders. Artist: Various Artists Title: 00’s Rap & RnB Style: Roots Reggae, Alternative Hip Hop, Contemporary R&B, Swing, Dancehall Release Date: 27-11-2020 Quality: MP3/320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz Tracks: 25 Tracks Time: 01:36:15 Min Size: 221 MB 01. I kind of just wanted to finish that so that I can move forward from it.”–C.J. This website uses cookies. Brendon G. - Cope 5. On his fifth studio album. “It’s part of that process. How do you produce new music after a well-received debut album with the dreaded sophomore jinx looming over your studio sessions? Largely composed of sincere records aimed at a loved one that’s seemingly near or far, the EP finds melodic pockets to boost fragile confidence on “Self Esteem.” A track later, Tank finds his imperfectly “Perfect” angel. “If we drop now and the world ends tomorrow, at least my art was authentic,” Reyez wrote in a caption on Instagram. As for his music, he has built a diverse fanbase who appreciates his versatility as a solo artist and member of two groups: Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley. “I’m Ready” featuring Camper and “Always,” has him reminiscing about his former lover, while patiently waiting for her to come back in his life. On Before Love Came to Kill Us, Reyez takes her devotees six feet under, as she digs through her complex emotions. Thirty-two minutes will never be enough time to experience James’ gold-coated voice. Inspired to produce material with a lighter feel, K. Michelle’s awakens in an ‘80s time warp, resulting in soft-rock gems like “All the Lovers” and the divinely envious “Ciara’s Prayer.”, still has its radio-friendly moments like the thunderous hit “The Rain” and the fluidly leaden “Can’t Let (You Get Away).” But whether K. Michelle is honoring the synthesized rock sounds of the ‘80s or pushing the R&B envelope forward, she is still very much her own artist. Many of the lyrics have tongue-in-cheek approaches, most notably on the provocatively aboard ditty “Overseas” featuring comedian Zack Fox. R&B 2021 - Best R&B Songs Playlist (RNB Music 2021) By redmusiccompany. Taylor heightens her reign as a modern-day sex symbol on tracks like the sultry “Morning” with Kehlani, giving her audience a taste of classic quiet storm sounds. In this time of political unrest, racial strife, and pandemic, soul and R&B walked tall and carried a big stick, while also being a much needed balm and source of warmth in 2020. Victoria Monet has shined brightly in the music business for years at this point. . Tweet us some of your favorite R&B albums of 2020 thus far @RatedRnB. Two Weeks Ago Last Week this Week Certification RIAA Pos Peak. In addition to Chloe x Halle and Dvsn shining with their respective projects, Drew Love and Dante Jones of THEY. “Taking pictures, make sure you can’t see no lace / That wig secure like the money in a safe / I look like bae.” Accompanied by an easy-to-do TikTok dance, “Do It” was one of the girls’ largest records this year. Plus it has a great Rihanna feature, someone we haven’t heard from in what feels like centuries.–W.O. Where the last album from the Memphis-bred songster seemed hard to characterize as one exact genre, her gratifying comeback LP finds a delicate balance between fresh and nostalgic frameworks. The project includes hazy standouts such as “London” and “Pull Up.” “My music makes you feel a certain type of way,” she told Uproxx in an exclusive interview. 2020 Year-End Boxscore; Google's Top Hummed Songs 2020; All Year-End Charts; DECADE-END . LaHasna Il Nuovo RNB Italiano 2020 MP3 320K 1 Louis 2 Senza Parole 3 Bancomat boy 4 10 Ore 5 Liquore Nero 6 Chi sei ? On the standout track “You Gotta Do It All,” Green unashamedly outlines his expectations from a potential lover. View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band. On the introspective “Same Side,” a desperate Reyez wants to be toxic like her lover to keep their entanglement going. On the last-mentioned track, which features guest vocals from Syd, Kali believes he has met his soulmate. “My Lovers” stands out for the Grammy-nominated musician’s welcoming trip down the memory lane of music’s golden era, and fight for necessary change on mainstream radio formats that disproportionately affects R&B artists. After a tepid follow-up and staying away from the game for some time, Bryson returned with his third album, Anniversary, and proved to fans that while it may not be as massive as his signature collection, he can certainly still reach the heights of his past.