Tickets are valid on tram, metro, bus and the Petřín funicular. A few may demand a higher fine from foreigners and pocket the difference, so insist on a receipt before paying. A quarterly ticket will cost you 1480 CZK, although you can buy them monthly for 550 CZK, five-monthly for 2450 CZK and yearly for 4 750 CZK as well. Current Measures in Operation of Prague Integrated Transport. You can also buy tickets valid for 24 hours (110 CZK) and three days (310 CZK). Autrement dit, vous bénéficiez d’un accès illimité aux tramways, bus et métros, pendant 72 heures ! Les tickets s’achètent uniquement dans le métro, les tabacs et les kiosques à journaux. Découvrez les tarifs officiels et nos conseils pour ne pas être arnaqués. All tickets must be validated which means that you must insert them into the yellow stamping machine inside trams and buses or at the metro stations when you first use it. This application will help you to find timetables for public transport in Prague but also for longer distances within Czech Republic as well as international connections. Informations pratiques et prix. 10. Taxi services. Don’t worry about filling out a form – for foreigners the process is usually done directly on computer. Elle comprend également un transfert privé depuis l’aéroport vers votre logement à Prague, en aller simple. This article covers complete fare information in Prague. Nádraží Veleslavín : Cette station vous laisse à l’arrêt du bus 119 qui mène à l’aéroport. Découvrez les lignes, stations, tarifs et horaires. The connection between Prague City Centre and Václav Havel Airport Prague is provided by public transport bus lines which operate at regular few-minute intervals. – The underground operates from 5.00am until midnight. Transport We understand it is not always easy for parents to combine dropping their children off at school and picking them up at the end day with work and other responsibilities. In the newly established blue zones, ... but who will travel using Prague Integrated Transport in Prague. Prague Free Walking Tour - Discover beauty of Prague with our popular free walking tour. Tags Bus Metro Public Transport Tram Transport. Tickets are sold from machines at metro stations and tram stops, at newsstands, snack shops, newspaper kiosks, hotels, Prague tourist information offices and metro station ticket offices. Depuis 1851, le Funiculaire de Pêtrin fait la liaison entre Malá Strana et la Colline de Petřín. You can also take advantage of the latest addition to the application – the optimal route to the airport by public transport feature, which suggests the most ideal route to Václav Havel Airport Prague from the current or assigned location based on the departure time of your selected flight. Informations, prix et remises. Learn about the top Prague attractions, how to get around, information about the Prague transport system and more. Starting on 1st July, Prague Public Transit Company (PPTV) offers a mobile phone application called Sejf. Bien qu’il soit peu compréhensible, si vous souhaitez consulter le plan avec tous les moyens de transport de Prague, cliquez ici. You can get the card in any PIT information centre, PS you need to apply for ID card for 60 - … Individual transportation is ensured by two taxi companies and one transport company. Planning Analytical Materials of the City of Prague is a unique, regularly updated source of information about Prague from various points of view: urban development, transportation, technical infrastructure, land use, clean environment, environmental protection, the economy, etc. 2020 Face masks obligatory again in the entire public transport from 1... Find out more 16. Dinner on the River Cruise - Discover beauty of Prague with our popular dinner on the river cruise. 3) When you have confirmed your choice of ticket, insert coins into this slot. If you can prove your identity you’ll get only a 30 CZK fine, but you need to take the ticket to the I.P. Passes may be purchased without providing personal data, i.e. Day tickets or longer passes can often be supplied by your hotel concierge but can also be purchased at all major metro stations and newsagents. Send an SMS to 90206 with subject DPT32. La Prague Public Transport Card est un pass transport valable trois jours. Changes to the Operations of Prague Integrated Transport (PID) starting 2 November 2020. they are transferable, and offer a passenger-selected validity starting date in the year. If you are unsure, press the button labelled storno and start the process again. Barrier free travel information Travel with a bicycle Fun and Leisure (nostalgic tram, Public Transport Museum,etc.) If you are staying in Prague for one month or longer, it is a good idea to buy a long-term public transport pass. for up to 30 minutes (24 CZK) from validation for short ride tickets and 90 minutes (32 CZK) for long ride tickets. The public transport operates on the honor system: you are assumed to have a ticket. Malostranská : Il s’agit de la station la plus proche de Malá Strana. Staroměstská : À 5 minutes de la Place de la Vieille-Ville et du Quartier Juif. The buses are operated by The Prague Public Transport Company, a.s. and external partner transport providers. Decision on allocation of traffic rights is issued for 10 years period. It offers all tickets for Prague Integrated Transport. Apply online instantly. All you have to do is text from your mobile. m. Prahy (Prague Public Transport Company). Children from six to 15 years and seniors from 65 to 70 years, who are holders of the opencard ( with the application “Jízdné zdarma”, travel in the Prague area free of charge. Application submitted by the student. Fare Zones If you are caught on the metro without your pass, just show your ID card or passport and ask for a ticket. In the PID trains in the area of the Capital City of Prague, it is sufficient to prove age (e.g. The Ministry of Transport decides about application on allocation of traffic rights within 60 days period from delivery of first application. All you’ll need is to take two passport photographs with you and fill in a small application form. When you meet a controller, you just show him your display with your ticket number. Découvrez les lignes, les stations, les tarifs et les horaires. An application with everything you need to know about doing sports in Prague Prague by bike. Apply for a Transport America Class A Truck Driving Job job in Prague, OK. There are some car parks close to metro stations plus underground car parks. Ticket inspectors identified by an official badge, regularly check passengers and are authorised to fine a passenger without a valid ticket up to 1500 CZK (reduced to 800 CZK if paid on the spot). Below you will find a listing of all tickets which can be bought from your mobile. There is also a 200 CZK fine for not having a luggage ticket. Long-term tickets: Long-term tickets are sold at ticket offices at many metro stations (a full list can be found on the Prague Public Transit site) and at the Prague Public Transit Central Office at Na Bojišti 5, Prague 2 (near the I. P. Pavlova metro station). Corr… The metro especially makes getting around town a breeze since it enables you to cover long distances in a matter of minutes. Le tramway est un moyen de transport très utile pour se déplacer dans Prague. Most metro stations have ticket offices where you can buy travel passes. Prague Public Transit Company information stalls in the arrivals halls in Terminals 1 and 2 (open daily from 7.00 to 22.00 h.), text message sent from your mobile phone. 3. Mobile application “PID Lítačka” The mobile app “PID Lítačka” is available for download in Google Play and Apple Store. You don’t need to buy classic paper tickets when using public transport in Prague. from 60 - 65 you pay half price, from 65 - 70 it's free but you will need to apply for a Prague transport card, which will require 2 passport size photoes (I think 2), fill in an application form and pay 20 crowns. Valid on all PID lines in Prague (apart from the line AE) Validity is limited only by time, number of transfers is not limited Můstek : Station au nord de la Place. and types of transport (subway to tram, tram to bus, etc.) Visitors to Prague don’t need to worry about fare zones as the standard Prague tariff includes all metro, bus and tram services, as well as services right out into the suburbs, including the airport. If you will use public transport more than a few times a day, definitely go for one. Le temps est décompté à partir de la première validation du ticket. View this and more full-time & part-time jobs in Prague, OK on Snagajob. Important Links Public transport information centres Public transport temporary restrictions and changes Orientation plans including fare zones, tram, metro, buses, night service, etc. Most visitors find travel passes cost-effective and hassle-free. The price is the same as for ordinary paper tickets, 32 CZK, and is valid for 90 minutes. Apply for a Arnold Transportation Arnold Transportation Company Drivers job in Prague, OK. Prague dispose d’un réseau de transports publics très efficace : les métros, les tramways et les bus vous emmèneront à n’importe quel point de la ville. Children from six to 15 years and seniors from 65 to 70 years, who are holders of the opencard ( with the application “Jízdné zdarma”, travel in the Prague area free of charge. Most machines give change. Free transport is … Apply online instantly. Most metro stations have ticket offices where you can buy travel passes. If the long term visa/long term residence permit application is denied, the Ministry will inform you in writing and in detail about the reasons for rejection. Short-term tickets for travelling around Prague. You need to buy a ticket before you board a bus, tram or metro. Avec l'excellent réseau de métro et de tramway de Prague, les bus s'utilisent principalement pour se rendre dans les villes à proximité de Prague. The ticket machines, and tickets themselves, may vary in design and colour, but they are still applicable to all forms of transport. Posting id: 597433249. Free transport. © Copyright 2021 PRAGUE.FM 2021, All Rights Reserved, Short-term passes (unlimited travel within ticket validity). Based on a resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic related to the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, the following changes are being… 14. The procedure of applying for the Exchange Programme at VSE is done online and consists of two parts: Nomination performed by the partner university coordinator.. L’Aéroport Ruzyne de Prague (PRG) est le plus important de toute la République tchèque. Over 500 discounted hotels in Prague, instant confirmation, pay upon arrival. Another way to buy Prague public transport tickets is by using the handy Lítačka app where you can also check transit schedules. Prague Transportation System Prague has one of the best public transportation systems in Europe. Sporting Prague. You Can Now Arrange a Lítačka Card for Your Children in a Couple of Clicks New regional transportation system. Wait a few seconds – sometimes it can take up to one minute – and your ticket will arrive (subject to your mobile credit balance). Public transport in Prague consists of: Metro. Find out more 30. You only need to pay extra if you are travelling beyond the immediate suburbs of Prague into the surrounding country area. Tickets and passes are available at the following Public Transport Information Centres: – Metro/Tram/Bus kiosks at Ruzyne Airport, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 arrival halls. 2. Find out more Order. All you’ll need is to take two passport photographs with you and fill in a small application form. Tickets do not need to be re-validate when transferring services or starting a new journey within the validity period. You can even search your connection in the app and the application suggests you the most suitable ticket. Ils ont commencé à fonctionner en 1875, tractés par des chevaux. Free city tour, map and guidebook.. Avec 3 lignes, le métro de Prague est pratique pour se rendre à la plupart des points d'intérêt. When using public transport you are expected to give up your seat for the elderly and disabled. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, offers many transportation options for travelers.Although the Old Town is small and most of Prague top attractions can be explored on foot, Prague public transport system can save you time and lower your accommodation costs by staying out of the main center.. Public transportation system in Prague is really efficient. Pavlova metro station to pay, where they’ll verify that you have a valid pass. With these tickets, you don’t need to pay an extra fare for your luggage. The primary transport company is Dopravní podnik hl. 4. This service is recommended for children older than 5 years and it is free of charge. There are also transferable passes for 30 (670 CZK), 90 (1880 CZK) and 365 (6100 CZK) days. In the application, you will find basic information about life in Prague that is clearly arranged according to topics, so it can become your support in everyday situations. Prague University of Economics and Business (VSE) only accepts students coming from VSE Partner universities in the Exchange Programme. Avec 3 lignes et 61 stations, le métro de Prague est pratique pour parcourir de longues distances. This app is packed with information about attractions, every attraction is described on its own page with a map an… En 2017, plus de 15 millions de visiteurs sont passés par ses trois terminaux. Fortunately, Prague is a safe and walkable city, and the public transportation system (MHD) is clean, efficient and affordable. The biggest advantage is that once you set the needed journey, your data is automatically saved offline, so you don’t need internet in your phone to track your regular journey. – Trams and buses run from 4.30am until 12.15am with very limited night service. If the application is denied, the tuition fee (excluding bank charges and nonrefundable fees) is refunded based on the official written statement issued by the Czech Ministry of the Interior. Our bus service, which operates every school day, is designed to make your life that bit easier. Découvrez les différents types de tickets et de forfaits de transports de Prague. If you are a tourist, you may want to see a simpler version which excludes specific sales for Prague residents. To reduce congestion in the city, Park&Ride parking places are used on the outskirts of Prague. Most parts of central Prague have meter zones with fees from 30 CZK to 120 CZK per hour (or you can arrange a long-term parking permit). Même si les contrôleurs ne vont pas autant à la chasse qu’à Budapest, il est fort probable qu’on vous demande de présenter votre ticket de temps en temps. by identity card, passport or another officially issued personal document with a photograph, name, surname and date of birth, the PID Card Senior 70+, or an electronic discount application). The machine offers all types of tickets. Découvrez ses horaires, sa fréquence et ses tarifs. Please read detailed information abou the service and view the maps here . We provide comfortable transport by luxury cars with professional drivers to the satisfaction of each client. You can buy transport tickets at designated ticket sellers (including newsagents and hotel receptions) or at the automatic ticket machines located in each metro station. 2) If you are happy that you have selected the right type of ticket, then press the výdej button to confirm your choice. How to apply. Le système est semblable à celui de beaucoup d’autres villes : il fonctionne au temps et vous pouvez emprunter tous les moyens de transports que vous désirez. Elle traverse Prague de nord-ouest en sud-est, depuis Nemocnice Motol jusqu’à Depo Hostivař. Book now. – Most Metro stations have a staffed window where ticket and passes can be purchased, – Ticket vending machines at public transport stops dispense single tickets, but only accept coins in payment, – An extensive agency network of newsagents, hotels, tour operators etc also sell tickets valid for up to five days, – From mobile phone with a Czech SIM card you can purchase a 32 CZK ticket by texting “DPT32” to 90206. The plain-clothes inspectors travel incognito, but will show a red-and-gold metal badge when they ask for your ticket. The metro, trams and buses are used by two-thirds of Prague's population and cover the majority of the city and outskirts. Again, these must be validated on first use only; if a ticket is stamped twice, it becomes invalid. 2020 Changes to the Operations of Prague Integrated Transport (PID)... Find out more 14. ‎PRAGUE COOL PASS App provides an interactive guide at your fingertips. For example, you can get an overview of the Czech social and educational system, or find out where you get business assistance. 4) Collect your ticket, and any change that may be due to you, from the large slot at the base of the machine. Ticket can be ordered only using a local sim card (from a Czech operator). The transport to/from Václav Havel Airport is ensured by Taxi Praha, s.r.o., the largest provider of taxi services all over Prague. Si vous comptez prendre le tramway, nous vous conseillons donc d’avoir toujours des tickets d’avance. 12. ROPID is in charge of organizing the entire Prague integrated transport system. The MHD includes a network of trams, buses, and metro (subway) systems which will enable you to get to every part of Prague quickly and easily. Public transportation map is available HERE. Limo for Stag & Hen Party - Book online Lincoln or Hummer limousine from Prague Airport. 10. 10. English speaking drivers. Cheap  Prague Airport Shuttle - English speaking drivers, shuttle door 2 door, free tour, free maps. Les taxis à Prague sont relativement chers comparé au niveau de vie du pays. Posting id: 597343008. Being caught without a valid ticket entails a 800 CZK on-the-spot fine (200 CZK for not having a luggage ticket). The Virtual Parking Meter (VPM) application will enable drivers to make payment for short-term visitor parking, for up to three hours, without using a parking meter. 24-hour pass: 110 CZK (children and seniors 60-65 years old pay only 55 CZK)72-hour pass: 310 CZK. Adults: 24 CZKChildren 6-15 years and seniors 60-70 years old: 12 CZK Children under 6 and seniors over 70: FREE, Adults: 32 CZK Children 6-15 years and seniors 60-70 years old: 16 CZKChildren under 6 and seniors over 70: FREE. It is a kind of mobile wallet allowing its owner to purchase tickets by means of a smartphone. Public transport tickets can be used on any type of public transportation and allow transfers between lines (subway to subway, tram to tram, etc.) Our objective is a fair approach to the provision of transport services without dishonest practices. Prague Airport Hotel Taxi – Only €20. N’oubliez pas que vous devez valider votre ticket dans les machines jaunes qui se trouvent à l’intérieur des tramways et des bus, où celles qui se trouvent dans les stations de métro, avant d’accéder aux voies. Prague Airport ShuttleBus – Low cost shuttle service directly to the city centre for just €5. Les stations les plus importantes en commençant par l’ouest sont : 1. Elle est aussi utile pour prendre le tramway 22 qui mène jusqu’à Hradčany. New regional transportation system. View this and more full-time & part-time jobs in Prague, OK on Snagajob. Transport Tickets Through Smartphones Mobile phone application called Sejf Photo: DPP. Three color-coded lines form the city’s transport backbone. If you are staying in Prague for one month or longer, it is a good idea to buy a long-term public transport pass.